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LENNON & McCARTNEY - "A Hard Days Night"

This 1964 Beatles feature film release featured 'A Hard Days Night' The song topped the US & UK ..


LENNON & McCARTNEY - "And I Love Her"

 "And I love Her" is a song recorded by The Beatles released in 1964 on their 3rd album "A Hard..


LENNON & McCARTNEY - "Can't Buy Me Love"

"Can't Buy Me Love" is a song credited to Lennon & McCartney and released by The Beatles in 1964..



'Let It Be' was the twelfth and final studio album released by The Beatles. This classic garmen..


LENNON & McCARTNEY - "Help I Need Somebody"

The Lennon and McCartney Collection is a line inspired by the lyrics of John Lennon &..


LENNON & McCARTNEY - "Sgt. Peppers"

"Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band" was released in June 1967 and was The Beatles 8th studio albu..


LENNON & McCARTNEY - "John & Paul Print"

From Banksy to Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols). From John Lennon to Shepard Fairey and beyond as well as lo..