Men's Pants

Create a sleek, stylish look with our great selection of vintage style men’s pants. We have many styles that will help you recreate your favorite outfits from the early days of Rock and Roll. Our signature Da Vinci Collection is inspired by legendary designs from the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, and you can get a classy pair of pants that will make you look amazing and feel comfortable all day, every day. Check out our wide selection of options and you will easily find the look that matches your taste!

Dating back to the mid 60’s Mod movement, our vintage plaid men’s pants are a highly popular choice. Made from 70% rayon and 30% cotton, it is highly comfortable and durable, able to be machine washed without issue. Perfect for a day on the golf course or casual wear around town, they provide a classic look with a modern feel. Plenty of space is included with two hip pockets to store anything from golf balls to mobile phones, giving you the freedom to wear your pants without leaving the essentials behind. 

For another highly popular style that is inspired by the Rock generation and is still around today, check out our high quality skinny fit jeans. Highly comfortable and durable, denim has been a part of nearly everyone’s wardrobe for years and having a style that matches your taste is easier than ever with our selection of men’s pants. With an easy to wear fit these vintage jeans will help you look and feel amazing all day long. 

We have designed our clothing lines with comfort in mind, so you can get the styles you want while also enjoying the feel of your outfit every day. From stylish golf style pants to comfortable skinny jeans, any classic look is possible with Global Rebels. Our dedication to creating the best looks from past musical legends will ensure you find a style you love in no time!

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